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calligraphers Bucks County, PA

Longtime resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, I have spent a lifetime in pursuit of my love of art and its application to life. After having spent many years working towards the realization of a beautiful studio in my home, my husband and I and our family, now enjoy the fruits of that labor. My dream of having a calligraphic studio has come true. And I am grateful for the opportunity that God has given me to work on my craft and to promote an appreciation for the art of fine lettering and penmanship. I believe that computer generated scripts will never replace the beauty and personalization of hand-inscription. There is no digitizing or computer generated imaging in my work, nor will there ever be.

Through the years, I have participated and studied in many college-level lettering courses, workshops and guild memberships. I have spent hundreds of hours in professional training and schooling for hand lettering arts and illustration, affording me the opportunity to be taught by several lettering masters and to join several professional organizations to benefit my craft. My credentials include memberships in the following:

Iampeth - International Association of Master Penman Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting
PCS - Philadelphia Calligraphers Society (Participating on the Board of Governors)
Doylestown Art League
Art Goes to School
BNI - Business Networkers International (Doylestown Chapter, past President, 6 year membership)
Society of Scribes - NYC

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More About the Artist

Linda Carol Arts is a calligraphy art studio nestled in the heart of Bucks County Pennsylvania. The artist behind the studio is me, Linda Carol Altadonna Gray. I am blessed to be living in this beautiful area with my family, doing what I love to do. God has been very good and in turn, I have tried to live a life that uses the gifts He has so graciously given me. I am a confessed champion of the "art of the pen" and its innate beauty and simple, sincere elegance.

Since early childhood, I have had a passion for art which took this shy little girl out of her shell and introduced her to a whole world of creative possibilities. In those possibilities, I discovered "calligraphy". The Greek origin of this word defines it as "beautiful, elegant letter drawing". Hence, the perfect match for me…. I love the challenge of producing beautiful letters and the thrill of seeing those letters take on their own individual artistic feel like a drawing in itself, paired with illumination and illustration and attention to detail.

Over time, my "passion of pen" grew to a studio and business which you see on these pages… Please take a moment to view my gallery. It includes a portfolio of my recent custom calligraphic work and illustrations including wedding invitations, marriage contracts, family trees, and fraktur designs. You will see the many different styles of hand lettering and ink colors I offer as well as the different services available to you. You will also see a variety of illustrative and embossed art and works that are finished and immediately available for ordering and shipment. Please keep in mind that all items shown can be customized to your colors, taste or detail, as well as the addition of any personalization through hand-lettering to make the item uniquely yours.

In addition, I should tell you that another of my passions is people… I love the journey of life and the privilege that this business affords me, in being able to "meet" and have the opportunity to build friendships with my clients that could possibly go on for many years. Trust is the largest part of any relationship, business or otherwise.

My mission as your personal calligrapher and artist is to take the events, the occasions, the illustrations, the verses, the writings, the relationships, the pictures, the memories, the important moments of your life, -- of which you entrust me… and turn them into elegant lasting art. Words are powerful, images are eternal, your expressions and thoughts are meaningful. Preserve them. My promise is to do that for you. And I thank you for that privilege and that trust…

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